Photoshop Boredom.

You must know how boring monday and tuesday night are when you're alone with nothing to do. That's why I love photoshop (for the most part). When I'm bored and not lazy, I make pretty little diddies. I made a banner for my Harlow Black photos and a banner for my business.

I've started a promotion for my services from tomorrow until November 30th where people can get a photo shoot done for either $40 $60 or $80, depending on what they want.
$40 - Regular photo shoot (includes flash photography without studio lighting)
$60 - Event photography (with exceptions to weddings and very large events)
$80 - Photo shoots with Studio Lighting (includes flash photography)
This will help gain some income so I can save for some of my own studio equipment and stop renting. It won't do too bad for my portfolio either.
I have a photo shoot with my friend Val tonight - look out for those photos in a couple days :)

- MG

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