Val B.

When I told everyone that I wanted to build my portfolio, a bunch of my friends came forward asking to help out, including Val B. We've been friends since we were in grade 5 (so that would be a good 10 years) and she's been modelling for a while.
She came over to my house for the shoot and because I didn't have time to go out and rent equipment, I had to do my whole makeshift lighting thing again. I used my ceiling light with a table lamp that had a cool light on it. I also used the dinky little flash attached to my camera, which gave the pictures a harder light effect. In the end, we got a bunch of really good shots that I'm insanely happy about. Val's such a natural. I didn't even have to direct her all that much and she even gave me tips that she heard from other photographers.

I'm really excited because I have about 4 or 5 shoots lined up from now until november and most of them are paid shoots too :)
I can't wait to start saving for equipment. My life will be so much easier, photography-wise.

- MG

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