Darnel Morgan

Yesterday, I had a fantastic shoot for a singer named Darnel Morgan. His song has been literally stuck in my head for a week; it's so good.
I went to Vistek to go pick up the lighting, only to find out that the deposit for the lights was waaaay to much my for poor fragile Visa card. Thus, we had to make due without the studio lights. BUT, it looks like we did pretty well without them! It took a while to style Darnel, only because he didn't bring his own clothes to the shoot; we had to use some of Aaron Henry's clothes. After about an hour of styling and other necessities, we started the shoot. An hour and half later, we had 450 shots and a happy photographer. Darnel even said that he doesn't want anyone else to do his photography except me :) I know I'm supposed to take that with a grain of salt, but it's nice to hear as an artist.

- MG

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