Big Cess

I had the pleasure of photographing album and website photos for an emcee, Big Cess. We went to a studio owned by the infamous Relic and shot most of the pictures inside the booth. Cess had Junior Phillip, of PhillipEllis, style the shoot. It was a good time! It was fun and productive; my favourite mix.

Look out for Big Cess' album soon :)

- MG


  1. hey there! i just stumbled onto your site! i'm loving your pictures, what lenses do you use with your D60? Do you have an external flash? if so which one do you use? What other equipment do you use?

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment :)

    I use the lens that it came with for now - 18-55mm. I rent sb900's or 800's for events and some shoots (I don't have my own yet unfortunately).
    I don't have own equipment yet :( My student wallet won't let me. But, I'm saving up...slowly haha.